Gilbert AZ LDS Temple Wedding Photos

Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding Photography {Brian & Courtney}

Sometimes I wish there was more time for blogging.  I am always taking pictures and editing and I love it!  What a great spring it has been with weddings.  I have shot dozens of weddings this spring at the Gilbert Temple, Phoenix Temple, Mesa Temple, Dallas Temple, Chicago Temple and others.  It has been so much fun.

This morning at the Gilbert AZ Temple we had the best clouds and sky to take pictures with.  A good rain storm came through the valley last night leaving the Temple so clean and crisp, yes I think that is a very technical photography term :-).

I got together early this morning with Brian and Courtney at the Gilbert Temple for their wedding photos.  The images turned out amazing.  Brian and Courtney were so easy to work with and had great ideas for their shots.

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photos
Gilbert Temple Wedding Photos

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photographer Gilbert Temple Bridal Photos

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photos
Gilbert Temple Wedding Photography

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Gilbert Temple Wedding Photographer

Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding Photos {Hayden and Jake}

Jake and Hayden have the best story.  Hayden was actually the very first bride to book me at the Gilbert Arizona Temple.  In fact she called me and secured the date 19 months before the Gilbert Temple was even dedicated.  Jake had only been on his mission a few months when she decided on the wedding date 🙂  Jake finished his mission two months ago and now off to the Temple they go for eternity.  It was so fun working with them.  They were so full of energy and excitement.  The photos are stunning.

IMG_0003 IMG_0021 IMG_0231 IMG_0299 IMG_0312 IMG_0360 Gilbert AZ Temple Photographer


Gilbert Temple Wedding Photography {Kalee + Austin}

Gilbert Temple Wedding First Look IMG_9968 IMG_9984 IMG_9987 IMG_9994IMG_9999Kalee and Austin will be married in the Gilbert Arizona Temple in a few weeks.  It was great to work with my friend Cami on this shoot.  We met the couple at the Temple for some shots then off to a few fields in San Tan Valley that offer some great open views.  Kalee and Austin were great to work with.  It is has been fun to work at the Gilbert Temple an explore the surrounding areas for some great new locations to take pictures and video.



Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding {Timo + Katie}

Timo and Katie will be married soon in the Gilbert AZ Temple.  We got together before their actual wedding day to capture some incredible images and video of the two of them on the Temple grounds.  The weather continues to be fantastic here in Gilbert and along with a beautiful sunset made for some really fantastic shots.  They laughed together so much during the shoot that it made the images and video show a great candid side to both of them.  Both sets of parents came along for the bridals which made it even more fun for them.

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo-1-17

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo-8

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo-4

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo-5

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo-6

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo-7

Cannon + Brandi [Gilbert Temple Wedding]

Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding
Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding


Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding
Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding
Gilbert Temple Wedding
Gilbert Temple Wedding




I love taking photos at LDS Temples.  The Gilbert Temple is becoming one of my favorites to take pictures at.  I had a great time yesterday with Cannon and Brandi at the Temple.  The weather was perfect, the sunset was perfect and they looked great.  They actually came to me as a referral from another photographer friend of mine who is focusing more on family and baby pictures now.

Here are a few pictures from the bridal photo session yesterday.




Gilbert Temple Wedding Photos {Bo + America}

IMG_7422c IMG_7440c IMG_7578c IMG_7636c IMG_7667c IMG_7687c IMG_7350cI had a great time working with Bo and America yesterday at the new Gilbert Temple.  The Gilbert Temple is such a great place for wedding photos.  The detail work on the Temple is amazing.  The Temple grounds are just beautiful.

I met up with America and Bo about an hour and a half before sunset.  It was a perfect time to get started.  I love going to the Temple on Monday for photos and video as the Temple is closed and it is really easy to get lots of pictures without people in the background.  I am definitely getting some favorite spots at the Temple now having taken wedding photos there many times.

America and Bo were amazing to work with.  They were so laid back and ready for any shots I came up with.  What a great day for wedding photos at the Gilbert Temple.  They will be married there this coming Saturday.



Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding Photography {Keara + Mason}

Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding Photos
Gilbert AZ Temple Wedding Photos

IMG_6938b IMG_7085b IMG_7206bOn Friday afternoon I got together with Keara and Mason at the new Gilbert Arizona Temple.  This was my first time to meet them.  We had a great time exploring and taking pictures on the newly completed Temple grounds.  Wow, the Gilbert Temple grounds are just beautiful.  We started out at the main entrance to the Temple and worked our way around to the water feature then off to the field to the East of the Temple.  I love that spot off in the distance at sunset.  The images are incredible.  Thanks to Keara and Mason for letting me be a part of their wedding photography at the Gilbert Temple.  Contact me anytime to make arrangements for me to be your photographer.


Kenzi & Chantz [Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding]

Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo
Gilbert Temple Wedding Photo
Gilbert Temple Weddings
Gilbert Temple Weddings
Gilbert Temple Wedding Photography
Gilbert Temple Wedding Photography




Gilbert Arizona Temple Weddings


Yesterday I had a great time shooting with my first couple at the new LDS Gilbert Arizona Temple.  Kenzi and Chantz will be married on the first Saturday in March that the Temple is open.  It was fun to shoot video and some photos.  The Temple wasn’t quite open enough yet for us to take photos on the grounds so we shot a few images at the main planter by the front entrance.  We then went out in the field to the East of the Temple.  What a great spot for photos at the Gilbert Temple.  I hope that remains a field for a long time and no buildings are built there.

It was great working with Chantz and Kenzi.  I actually put together a baptism video for Chantz when he turned eight.  Now many years later his mom called me to work with them again.  How fun is that.  It was my first time to meet Kenzi and she was just beautiful in her dress.  I over heard Chantz tell Kenzi her hair looked like Rapunzel’s.  🙂  How great is that!

After we finished at the Temple we drove up to the river North of Mesa and grabbed some shots right at sunset.  A perfect day for pictures and video at the Gilbert AZ Temple!

The wedding video I filmed of them at the Gilbert Temple will be in a future post.

Gilbert LDS Temple Wedding Photos

I think I might actually be the first photographer to take bridal pictures at the Gilbert AZ LDS Temple.  Although the Temple is not really done yet the outside is getting close.

Modest Gown Rental in Scottsdale was needing to get some updated photos for their website and to showcase their bridal gowns so we met at the park across from the new LDS Gilbert Temple.  I managed to shoot at an angle that didn’t show any of the construction for this shot.  Can’t wait for the Temple to open in 2013.