LDS Wedding Photographer {Mandy + James}

I have known Mandy’s family for many years and had the opportunity to shoot at all the kids weddings.  Two more to go, a son and a daughter.  The daughter is getting married at the end of June and I am excited to be working for them again.

Mandy and James had a wonderful ceremony and reception with the cutest vintage look.  I love vintage weddings.  There are so many great ways to decorate for a vintage wedding.

Here are a couple of shots from their wedding day.


Vintage Cake LDS Wedding Reception Photo
Cake at LDS Wedding Reception
Vintage LDS Wedding reception idea
Vintage LDS Wedding reception idea

Mormon Wedding Photographer LDS Wedding Photographer

Should you hire a Professional?

I am friends on Facebook with lots and lots of people in their early 20s to early 30s.  Many of them yet to be married.  One of them asked in a posting if they should spend the money to hire a professional photographer and videographer.  Her facebook wall was flooded with people responding.  Out of 50 responses only two said no.  Here are a few of the posts:

  •  I wish I went professional. I knew someone who was amateur and we hired her. Allllllll my photos were extremely over exposed. I had to hire someone else to fix them, which they could hardly do. They are expensive but you will get great photos. I am still sad about how mine turned out 3 years later.
  • Wish I went professional too only thing I would change about my wedding celebration.
  • I wish I had had some professional done.
  •  In all seriousness though, here are my thoughts – to me it’s important to hire someone who really knows what they’re doing. The cost is expensive, but if you can forgo the album/prints and things you might be able to get it down some.
    I’m not married, but I value good photos. Spend the money on someone that knows what they are doing. You will cherish the photos forever!
     DON’T cut costs on your photographer. And all photographers are not created equal. Find one whose work you like, talk to hi /her to determine if you’re going to like him/her, and spend the money (within reason, of course). You’ll regret it if you go cheap.
  •  I had a family member do ours, and they were good, but not great. I also didn’t do any bridal a or many shots of just the two of us. If I could go back, that’s where I’d find someone I loved and spend the money! We do professional shots every couple of years now with our kids and have never regretted the expense.

Mesa Temple Wedding {Ashley + Kyle}

I filmed for Ashley and Kyle a few days ago at the Mesa AZ Temple.  As always a fun time.  We got together in the morning before the sealing with their photographer and my friend Elle J.  It was a little on the warm side as you can imagine.  All turned out great.  Here are a few images from the day.  I love this shot of Kyle right before he saw Ashley for the first time in her dress at the Mesa AZ Temple.

IMG_9322 IMG_9491 IMG_9432 IMG_9390-Edit


Mesa Temple Wedding Video {Amerae and Bevan}

Amerae and Bevan are married.  What a beautiful morning to shoot wedding video at the Mesa AZ Temple.  Here is a shot that Amerae’s mom set up for us.  I thought it was a fun and different idea then the normal ones we do.  I had fun working with my friend Clive Van Rensburg on this one.  Check out our other wedding videos at MormonWeddings.com


Themed Wedding Receptions

I love themed wedding receptions.  Last night I had a great time working at at wedding reception in Scottsdale.  The couple had a themed wedding in honor of their love of all things Disney.  On top of the cake was Eva and Wall-E as the cake topper.  How fun is that!

Katie and Beau {Mesa AZ Temple Wedding Videographer}

Katie and Beau will be married at the Mesa AZ Temple tomorrow.  They have been great to work with.  Katie got her dress in Provo and had it customized for her.  Her dress is great.  This will be second wedding that I have filmed for Katie’s family.  I filmed for her sister back in March.

I am shooting this one with one of my favorites, Annie Randall.

Mesa AZ Rainy Temple Wedding Photos {Brooke and Ryan}

Well we don’t get rain very often at the Mesa AZ Temple.  All morning I kept thinking that the rain would stop.  Brooke and Ryan were married at 11:15 am.  Sure enough still raining when they came out about an hour later.  Well they made the best of it and out came the umbrellas.  We got some great shots with them in the rain.