Mesa AZ Temple Wedding Photographer

I love shooting at the Mesa Arizona Temple. Over the last 20 years I have shot 1000’s of weddings at the Mesa Arizona Temple. It has been a great business to be involved in. I have really enjoyed spending wedding days with the happy couples. I have also had a chance to shoot at the Gila Valley Temple and Snowflake Temple both of which are also located in Arizona.

The design of the Mesa Arizona is somewhat unique. I love the carvings of the Pioneers and handcart companies on the top. I am not sure everyone notices that but

One of the best things about shooting at the Mesa Arizona Temple is the temple grounds. The full time staff at the Temple do an incredidble job at keeping the Temple in a perfect condition. No matter what time of year I shoot there we can always find beautiful locations with flowers in bloom. It has been interesting over the years to watch the different spots on the ground that have become popular for shots and then fade away. One currently popular shot is on the west side of the Mesa Temple. Taking the couple out into the street on 1st Avenue about 100 yards to the west of the gates gives a great shot of the Temple in the background. It is especially nice during monsoon season when the clouds over the Temple really become dramatic. The monsoon season also gives some really great sunset shots with the couple up on the upper lawn on the south west side.