Katie and Beau {Mesa AZ Temple Wedding Videographer}

Katie and Beau will be married at the Mesa AZ Temple tomorrow.  They have been great to work with.  Katie got her dress in Provo and had it customized for her.  Her dress is great.  This will be second wedding that I have filmed for Katie’s family.  I filmed for her sister back in March.

I am shooting this one with one of my favorites, Annie Randall.

At The Vintage Barn

Last night I did some filming out at The Vintage Barn.  It was fun to work with Aubrey and Brent.  I have actually done a number of weddings for Aubrey’s family over the years.

Aubrey and Brent were married at the Mesa AZ Temple earlier in the day.

My website for wedding video is MormonWeddings.com

This is a shot of them watching their wedding video for the first time.

Marlene Jolley always does a great job at her Vintage Barn.  You can contact Marlene at the Vintage Barn – 480-833-1109 or 480-309-9445